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Rich Land Biochemical Production PLC is established for the purpose of engaging in the production of biochemical and agro-processing products. Rich Land’s first processing plant, located in Bure Industry Park (411 km from Addis Ababa) is on 21 hectares of land and projected to produce 96,000 metric tons of soybean meal, 140,000 metric tons of starch, 22.5 million liters of edible oil, and 62,000 metric tons of animal feed annually. The second processing plant, located in Bahir Dar is on 52 hectares of land is currently under construction. When complete, it will have a capacity to consume 1 million metric tons of Maize producing 700,000 metric tons of starch, 20 million liters of edible oil, and 280,000 metric tons of animal feed annually.

Richland Mission

Our Mission

We aim to set industry standards for our uncompromising Integrity, product quality, work environment and community engagement to meet and exceed the needs of our clients through efficient, productive and safe operations.

Richland Mission

Our Vision

To be a market leader in the agro-processing sector in Ethiopia and East Africa by providing high-quality products and best possible service to our local and international clients.

Our Values

Our Products

Edible oil

We produce Soybean and Corn edible oils catering to the tastes and cooking preferences of different categories of consumers. We locally source high-quality organic and non-GMO raw materials, and utilize modern extraction process tailored to maintain high rates of productivity, preserve quality and nutritional value while minimizing harmful influence on the environment.

Animal feed

We produce organic and non-GMO animal feed products with high levels of quality protein and digestible energy. Our meticulous control over the manufacturing process combined with finest ingredients ensures that customers are rewarded with high-quality and highly digestible animal feed products with essential nutritional values to aid in optimizing animal health and nutrition goals.


Soybean meal is the product remaining after oil extraction from whole organic soybeans. We produce and export soybean meal with high protein content, which is used in variety of forms, including animal foods, and food as protein supplement. Due to its unmatched functional properties in food applications, high digestibility, nutritional value and suitability for all ages, soybean meal can further be utilized in stabilization of emulsion, infant formulas, flours and textured fibers.


Starch is a white powdery carbohydrate extracted from corn(maize) endosperm. We manufacture and export starch derived from superior quality corn(maize). Due to its numerous characteristics, starch is widely used in food, paper, textile and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to direct use, it can be processed into various starch derivatives including glucose and other sugars.

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